Dim Sum - A little bit of Heart by Wayne Wang

»Dim Sum - A little bit of Heart«

by Wayne Wang

The widowed Mrs. Tam lives with her youngest daughter Geraldine, who was born in the US, in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Her other children have already moved out...

Donkey Flies by Paolo Tripodi and Marcello Fonte

»Donkey Flies«

by Paolo Tripodi and Marcello Fonte

Maurizio, tiny, reckless and full of energy, grew up in the poorest outskirts of Reggio Calabria, he argues with spiteful hens, speaks to wise donkeys and fights for his dream: to play the snare drum in the neighbourhood band.

Dorfpunks by Lars Jessen


by Lars Jessen

It's the summer of 1984 in Schmalenstedt. 17-year-old Malte , who goes by the name of »Roddy Dangerblood«, lives with his leftwing parents in a farmhouse, is in the middle of his ceramics apprenticeship and has just discovered »punk«, which has finally made its way to Schmalenstedt.

Down by Law by Jim Jarmusch

»Down by Law«

by Jim Jarmusch

In DOWN BY LAW an unemployed disc-jockey, a small-time pimp and a strong-willed Italian tourist meet in the confined space of a prison cell. Avoiding a specific time period, the story is set, abstractly, in New Orleans and the dense, surrounding swamps of Louisiana (places Jarmusch had never visited until after completing the screenplay). Jarmusch calls the style of the film «neo-beat-noir-comedy», with a story line that openly accepts conventions, and an atmosphere that is part nightmare and part fairy-tale («it's a sad and beautiful world»).

Drifters by Peter Grönlund


by Peter Grönlund

Drug addict Minna, trying to fight her addiction, ceases the opportunity to escape her debtor, the local drug dealer she has cheated on. On the run, she ends up in Katja’s car, single mother and alcoholic, fighting to get back the child her addiction and the public authorities have taken from her. Starting point of an unexpected and salutary friendship in this Scandinavian drama thriller – the two women settle down together in a remote trailer camp, shelter for drifters of all origins ...

Eden by Michael Hofmann


by Michael Hofmann

Eden, a married woman, falls under the spell of the Cucina Erotica of eccentric master chef Gregor. Their platonic gourmet meetings jolt both Eden and Gregor out of their humdrum everyday lives …

El Custodio by Rodrigo Moreno

»El Custodio«

by Rodrigo Moreno

His stressful routine as a ministerial bodyguard and his lonely marginal life eventually causes Ruben to explode. Starring Julio Chavez (»Epitafios«, »Red Bear«, »Extraño/Strange«).

Emma's Bliss by Sven Taddicken

»Emma's Bliss«

by Sven Taddicken

After getting the bad news that he is soon to die of cancer Max wants to escape to the most beautiful place in the world - Mexico. When he accidentally lands at brave Emma's pig-breeding farm, he realizes however, that true happiness waits just around the corner ...