All For A Rose by Marco Bellocchio

»All For A Rose«

by Marco Bellocchio

It's summer and young Elena's first working day in a coffee bar in Bobbio, Northern Italy. The bar is frequented by all kinds of people and Elena is confronted with stories that reflect the nuances of the human soul.

Alois Nebel by Tomáš Luňák

»Alois Nebel«

by Tomáš Luňák

Love, trains, insanity and history all descend upon a railway dispatcher deep in the heart of Central Europe

Alphabet by Erwin Wagenhofer


by Erwin Wagenhofer

We’re living in times of sweeping changes, crises and disorientation. A decision must be made concerning where we want to go. This requires a new relationship culture and new and innovative thinking!


Alps by Yorgos Lanthimos


by Yorgos Lanthimos

A nurse, a paramedic, a gymnast and her coach have formed a service for hire. They stand in for dead people by appointment, hired by the relatives, friends or colleagues of the deceased.

Altman by Ron Mann


by Ron Mann

A dynamic and heartfelt meditation on an artist, produced and directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Ron Mann (Grass, Comic Book Confidential, Twist, Go Further). Featuring Kathryn Reed Altman, Michael Murphy, Lily Tomlin, Julianne Moore, Keith Carradine, Elliott Gould, Robin Williams and more.

An Enemy To Die For by Peter Dalle

»An Enemy To Die For«

by Peter Dalle

In 1912, the noted German scientist, Alfred Wegener devised a theory that the world's continents had once been joined together. He named this massive super continent "Pangaea". Despite the threat of war in the fall of 1939, the Germans decide to launch a sea expedition in search of evidence for Wegener's theory...

An Episode In The Life Of An Iron Picker by Danis Tanović

»An Episode In The Life Of An Iron Picker«

by Danis Tanović

A humble man desperately tries to save his partner's life when she is callously denied much-needed treatment for a miscarriage... A critical social commentary from the award-winning director of CIRKUS COLUMBIA and NO MAN'S LAND (Oscar & Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film).

And Breathe Normally by Ísold Uggadóttir

»And Breathe Normally«

by Ísold Uggadóttir

At the edge of Iceland's Reykjanes peninsula, two women's lives will intersect - for a brief moment - while being trapped by unforeseen circumstances.