Dear Thomas

by Andreas Kleinert

Dear Thomas


The GDR is still young, but Thomas Brasch (Albrecht Schuch) doesn't fit in already. His father Horst (Jörg Schüttauf) wants to help build the new German state above all, but Thomas, his eldest son, would rather become a writer. Thomas is a dreamer, obsessive and a rebel. His very first play is banned and soon he is also expelled from film school. When the Soviet tanks roll through Prague in 1968, Brasch protests with his girlfriend Sanda (Ioana Jacob) and other students in the streets of Berlin - and runs against a wall. His own father betrays him to the Stasi, sending him to prison. Released on parole, Brasch works hard, loves and suffers, and writes about love, revolt, and death. But the GDR doesn't need someone like him. With no prospect of being heard, Thomas and the woman he loves (Jella Haase) leave the homeland that never was his. In the West he is acclaimed and his books become bestsellers. But Brasch does not allow himself to be taken in. He is far from being at peace.


Four-time Grimme Award winner Andreas Kleinert is one of Germany's most renowned directors. His feature films and TV movies have won numerous awards and have been represented at all international A-list film festivals.

His debut film LEB WOHL, JOSEPH (1990) had its world premiere in competition at Locarno. LOST LANDSCAPE (1992) started in competition at San Sebastian. WEGE IN DIE NACHT (1998) opened the Quinzaine des Realisateurs at the Cannes Film Festival and won two Federal Film Awards.

For his highly acclaimed Alzheimer's drama MEIN VATER (2003), Andreas Kleinert received the Emmy Award, among others. FREISCHWIMMER (2007) screened at the Venice Film Festival, BARRIERE (2010) at the Berlinale. With FRAU VON FRÜHER (2012) and HEDDA (2016), Kleinert adapted plays by Roland Schimmelpfennig and Henrik Ibsen. In between, he repeatedly filmed episodes of the popular crime series "TATORT - SCHIMANSKI," "POLIZEIRUF 110" and other "TATORT" films.
After studying directing at the HFF Konrad Wolf in Potsdam-Babelsberg from 1984 to 1989, Kleinert has been a professor of feature film directing at the current film university since 2006. Kleinert's last, historical black-and-white film DEAR THOMAS (2020) is a psychogram of the poet and filmmaker Thomas Brasch.


2020     Lieber Thomas
2012     Die Frau von Früher
2010     Barriere
2007     Freischwimmer
1998     Wege in die Nacht
1995     Neben der Zeit
1992     Verlorene Landschaft
1990     Leb wohl, Joseph


Albrecht Schuch - Thomas Brasch
Jella Haasse - Sanda


Directed by Andreas Kleinert
Written by Thomas Wendrich
Director of photography Johann Feindt
Edited by Gisela Zick
Music by Daniel Kaiser
Production design by Myrna Drews
Sound by Andreas Walther

Technical Data

Original Title: LIEBER THOMAS
International Title: DEAR THOMAS
Format: 2K
Length: 150 min
Original Language: German
Countries of Production: Germany

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