You Resemble Me

by Dina Amer

You Resemble Me


Cultural and intergenerational trauma erupt in this story about two sisters on the outskirts of Paris. After the siblings are torn apart, the eldest, Hasna, struggles to find her identity, leading to a choice that shocks the world. Director Dina Amer takes on one of the darkest issues of our time and deconstructs it in an intimate story about family, love, sisterhood, and belonging.



Dina Amer is an award-winning filmmaker and journalist. She helped produce the Oscar nominated and Emmy award-winning documentary THE SQUARE, where the Egyptian Revolution was chronicled from the frontlines. Growing up between the US and Egypt, her work has focused on sharing nuanced, human stories with a global audience. Previous to her film work, Dina was a celebrated journalist. She was an on-air correspondent for VICE, including THE BLACK MARKET Series, where she uncovered the human trafficking of Syrian refugees and explored the underground economy of illegal Egypt-Gaza tunnels. Her written work has been published in The New York Times, CNN and the Huffington Post. YOU RESEMBLE ME is her directorial debut.



Lorenza Grimaudo: Child Hasna
Ilonna Grimaudo: Child Mariam
Mouna Soualem: Adult Hasna 1
Sabrina Ouazani: Adult Hasna 2
Dina Amer: Adult Hasna 3
Alexandre Gonin: Abdelhamid
with the participation of: Grégoire Colin & Zinedine Soualem


Director: Dina Amer
Producer: Dina Amer, Karim Amer, Elizabeth Woodward
Screenwriter: Dina Amer, Omar Mullick
Cinematography: Omar Mullick
Editing: Keiko Deguchi A.C.E., Jake Roberts A.C.E.
Sound Design: Carolina Santana, Nicolas Becker, Tom Paul
Music: Saunder Jurriaans and Danny Bensi
Executive Producers: Spike Lee, Spike Jonze,
Alma Har'el, Natalie Farrey, Suroosh Alvi, Danny Gabai, Abigail E. Disney, Angie Wang, Hala Mnaymneh, Marni Grossman, Jamie Wolf, Geralyn Dreyfous, Charles de Rosen, Regina K. Scully, Karim Amer

Technical Data

Original title: TU ME RESSEMBLES
International title: YOU RESEMBLE ME
Duration: 90 min
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Format: 4k
Sound: 5.1
Year: 2021
Original languages: French, Arabic
Countries of production: France, Egypt, USA
Production Companies: The Othrs, VICE/RYOT
Co-production Companies: Hameda’s Stories, Dartagnan

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