Light Years by Campbell Esther May

»Light Years«

by Campbell Esther May

A road movie on foot, over the course of a day that will lead three siblings to discover the true meaning of family.

Listen Up Philip by Alex Ross Perry

»Listen Up Philip«

by Alex Ross Perry

A story about changing seasons and changing attitudes, a newly accomplished writer faces mistakes and miseries affecting those around him, including his girlfriend, her sister, his idol, his idol's daughter, and all the ex-girlfriends and enemies that lie in wait on the open streets of New York.

Liverpool by Lisandro Alonso


by Lisandro Alonso

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Farrel asks the captain of the freighter he works on for permission to go ashore once they reach the port of Ushuaia. Farrel wants to return to his birthplace and see if his mother is still alive.

Lola by Brillante Mendoza


by Brillante Mendoza

Two elderly women bear the consequences of a crime involving their grandsons - one is the victim, the other is the suspect. Both frail and poor, the grandmothers desperately need money - one for the victim's burial, the other for the suspect's bail...

Looking For Oum Kulthum by Shirin Neshat in collaboration with Shoja Azari

»Looking For Oum Kulthum«

by Shirin Neshat in collaboration with Shoja Azari

Mitra is directing her dream project: a biopic about the legendary singer Oum Kulthum. Soon she finds herself struggling with the daunting task of capturing the essence of the great diva but also with working in a male dominated film industry and then, on top of that, her teenage son goes missing.

Lose My Self by Jan Schomburg

»Lose My Self«

by Jan Schomburg

Lena Ferben has lived almost half a lifetime when she loses all of her memories, the entire "I" of her self. Her husband is suddenly a stranger, her friends are unknown to her, her whole life is a fictional narrative. She must decide whether to become who she was or to remain someone else...

Lost and Beautiful by PIETRO MARCELLO

»Lost and Beautiful«


From the bowels of Vesuvius, Pulcinella, a foolish servant, is sent to present-day Campania to grant the last wish of Tommaso, a simple shepherd: he must rescue a young buffalo called Sarchiapone. The two servants, man and beast, embark upon a long journey throughout a lost and beautiful Italy, at the end of which they will not find quite what they had expected.

Love and Other Crimes by Stefan Arsenijevic

»Love and Other Crimes«

by Stefan Arsenijevic

Thirty-something Anica feels restless in her dead-end life with an older man and small-time mobster in Belgrade. Milutin's caring affection for her isn't enough; Anica longs for true love. She has secretly decided to finally leave the country for good and start anew.