A Mysterious World

by Rodrigo Moreno

A Mysterious World


Boris is stunned when his girlfriend Ana asks for some time apart. He doesn´t know why and she can´t explain it. Some time can mean so many things. How much time apart? A week, a month, years? During this imprecise period of uncertainty, Boris is left at the mercy of chance. His life transforms into an erratic urban journey: moving into a transient hotel, buying a temperamental communist-era car, meeting up with a long-lost classmate, random encounters with other women and repeatedly trying to get back together with Ana.


Rodrigo Moreno is part of a young generation of Argentinian filmmakers seeking to develop innovative and original forms of storytelling. Hence, his first mid-length feature, part of the omnibus feature MALA EPOCA (1998), was awarded for its original conception for the young filmmaker's vision of contemporary life. After his feature EL DESCANSO, co-directed with Ulises Rosell and Andrés Tambornino in 2002, Rodrigo Moreno was awarded the Alfred Bauer's Prize for the most innovative film at Berlinale 2006 for EL CUSTODIO. The feature, gaining him critical acclaim in Berlin, went on to win more than 30 international awards. Rodrigo Moreno, former student of the Universidad del Cine, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he works and lives.


2010: Un Mundo Misterioso (A Mysterious World)
2007: La Señal de R. D. Kell (TV) - codirected with V. Tellas
2006: El Custodio (The Bodyguard) - Winner of the Alfred Bauer Prize and Best Actor (Julio Chavez) at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival
2004: Aeroplano (short)
2001: El Descanso - codirected with U. Rosell & A. Tambornino
1998: Mala Epoca (Bad Times) - "Compañeros" (Comrades) episode only
1993: Nosotros (short)


Esteban Bigliardi - Boris
Cecilia Rainero - Ana
Rosario Bléfari - ingrid
Germán Da Silva - Mechanic
Leandro Uria - Levisman
Hernán Oviedo - Bookseller
Lucrecia Oviedo - Odette


Director: Rodrigo Moreno
Screenplay: Rodrigo Moreno
Director of Photography: Gustavo Blazzi Natacha
Editor: Martin Mainoli
1st AD: Nicolás Grosso
Sound Design: Catriel Vildosola
Production Design & Costume: Gonzalo Delgado
Production Manager: Micaela Buyé
Producers: Natacha Cervi, Hernàn Musaluppi
Associate producers: Fernando Epstein, Pascual Condito
Line Producer: Fernando Brom
Co-producers: Benny Drechsel, Karsten Stöter, Anne Tetzlaff

A Production of Rizoma in coproduction with Roh Films with the support of Incaa, Visions Sud Est, ZDF/Arte, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg in association with Control Z Films

Technical Data

Format: 35mm / 24fps / 1:1,85 / Colour / Dolby Digital
Length: 107 Min.
Original Language: Spanish

Original Title: Un Mundo Misterioso


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A Mysterious World
A Mysterious World

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