by Mehmet Can Mertoğlu



A childless couple prepares a photo album of a fake pregnancy period – at the beach, at work, lounging at home. This way, their adopted child will eventually be able to recognize them as loving biological parents. And of course, they’ll have real documentation to share with friends and co-workers. Bahar and Cüneyt are an average middle-class couple with beliefs, dreams and preoccupations of their provincial urban environment. A child would complete their perfect lifestyle image, but adoption can be a long bureaucratic process, especially for picky parents. However, persistence and the right connections pay off. The proud couple goes all the way with the family history façade by staging snapshots in the hospital with their adopted baby boy. The earnest couple’s next step is to start a new life with their new baby. History teacher Cüneyt’s requested reassignment to a faraway city comes in quickly with his bureaucratic influence. But the couple panics when they discover that the adoption has been recorded in police records, only one step away from public knowledge…


Born in Akhisar, Turkey, in 1988, Mehmet Can Mertoğlu studied Turkish Literature at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul. His short film Yokuş (The Slope) screened in various film festivals including Rotterdam, Edinburgh, Montréal Nouveau Cinema and Angers. Albüm is his debut feature.

2016 Albüm
2011 FER (Glimmer) short
2008 Yokuş (The Slope) short


Bahar Bahtiyaroğlu - Şebnem Bozoklu
Cüneyt Bahtiyaroğlu - Murat Kılıç
Rıfat - Rıza Akın
Selma - Mihriban Er




written and directed by Mehmet Can Mertoğlu
produced by Yoel Meranda, Eytan İpeker
co-producers Cedomir Kolar, Marc Baschet, Danis Tanovic´, Oana Iancu, Calin Peter Netzer
director of photography Marius Panduru
sound engineer and mix Bruno Tarrière
art directors Meral Efe, Yunus Emre Yurtseven
costume design Seda Yılmaz
editors Ayhan Ergürsel, Mehmet Can Mertoğlu
make-up by Ebru Emine Süren
sound design Serdar Öngören

Technical Data

Format: DCP / 1.85:1 / Color / 5.1
Length: 104 min.
Original Language: Turkish

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