by Daniel Di Grado



Alena is from a poor background but is being transferred to an elite boarding school. Her posh classmate Filippa despises everything about Alena and quickly turns all the other girls against her. What begins as verbal bullying soon turns towards physical abuse. The only person Filippa is dying to befriend is Fabienne, one year senior - trendy and rich. But Fabienne has taken an interest in Alena. This relationship is not only a grievance for Filippa, but also to Alena’s jealous friend from the past - Josefin. As the rivalries escalate among the girls, Josefin’s initial help and protection turn to be a greater threat than Alena could foresee, not only for Filippa and Fabienne, but for herself as well.


Daniel di Grado grew up in Stockholm with an Italian father and Swedish mother. Ever since childhood he has been a hard-core horror fan. He debuted as a director in 2004 with the TV-series THE ROOFTERS. After that he did several TV-series for Swedish National TV, Chanel 5 and Chanel 4 and the TV-film ROSES, KISSES AND DEATH. Besides his work in TV Daniel has directed musical promos and award-winning commercials. ALENA is Daniel’s feature film debut.


Amalia Holm
Molly Nutley
Felice Jankell
Rebecka Nyman
Fanny Klefelt


Director Daniel di Grado
Screenwriters Kerstin Gezelius, Alexander Onofri, Daniel Di Grado
Based on the Graphic Novel by Kim W. Andersson
Production Silvio Entertainment
in coproduction with Sveriges Television
supported by the Swedish Film Institute
Producer Alexander Rönnberg
Co-Producer Max Hallén Cinematographer Simon Olsson
Editor Linda Jildmalm
Art Director Sara-Tuva Kippel
Sound Designers Andreas Andersson & Johan Johnson
Composers Karl Frid, Pär Frid
Costume Designer Sandra Woltersdorf
Make-up Designer Hanna Holm
Casting Director Victoria Svanell
Line Producer Sofia Ferguson
Production Co-ordinator Jacob von Heland

Technical Data

Format: DCP
Length: 83 min
Original language: Swedish

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