And if we all lived together

by Stéphane Robelin

And if we all lived together


Five close friends, five different characters: Claude, who has always loved women; Annie and Jean, the unlikely couple, he a political activist, she bourgeois and conventional; and Jeanne and Albert, the feminist and the
bon vivant. Five longtime friends, five different problems with growing old: Claude’s heart has now grown far weaker than his flaming passion; Jean is denied his humanitarian commitment – he’s too high an age-risk for the insurance company! – Annie wants to win back her grandchildren with an expensive garden pool; Jeanne conceals a serious illness and Albert doesn’t notice that his memory is playing tricks on him. The solution: a shared house.
The five decide to move in together: because Claude’s son has already picked out a room for him in a retirement home; because Albert’s daughter has given his dog up to the shelter without asking him; because no one of the five friends is ready to give up any independence – at least not yet. To make their communal life a little easier, Jeanne hires the young student Dirk who moves in with them in Annie and Jean’s home...


Stéphane Robelin started filmmaking in the 1990s, writing and directing short films. Later he began working in the field of TV documentaries mainly for the national French TV station, France 2. His feature debut Real Movie (2004) premiered at the Dashanzi Underground French Film Festival in Peking. And if we all lived together? (working title) is his second feature film.

Selected filmography
2011 And if we al lived together? (feature film)
2004 Real Movie (feature film)
2002 Sortir de l’Apartheid (TV documentary)
2000 Le Curé de la Sorbone (TV documentary)


Guy Bedos
Daniel Brühl
Géraldine Chaplin
Jane Fonda
Claude Rich
Pierre Richard



Director: Stéphane Robelin
Cinematographer: Dominique Colin
Production manager:
Nathalie Nghet
First director’s assistant:
Juliette Crété
Nancy Rivas
 Gwendale Schmitz
Florent Blanchard
Production designer:
David Bersanetti
Jürgen Doering
Make up:
Karina Gruais, Fabienne Gervais
Dominic Perot
Christophe Bruncher, Peter Rommel, Philippe Gompel, Aurélia Grossmann

A Production of Les Films de la Butte, Rommel Film, Manny Films and Studio 37

Technical Data

Format: 35mm / 1:1.85 / Dolby Digital
Length: 92 Min.
Original Language: French

Original Title: Et si on vivait tous ensemble?


And if we all lived together
And if we all lived together

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