by Sergey Dvortsevoy



Ayka just gave birth.
She can't afford to raise a child.
She has no job, debts to be paid, not even a room of her own.
But there is no way to suppress her natural instincts.


Russian director Sergey Dvortsevoy was born in 1962 in Chimkent, Kazakhstan. He graduated in 1982 from the aviation college in Krivoi Rog, Ukraine, then furthered his studies at the Radiotechnical Faculty of the Electrotechnical Institute in Novosibirsk. He then attended film school in Moscow, graduating in 1993. He worked for 9 years for the airline company Aeroflot as a radio engineer. After several documentaries, Dvortsevoy made his first fiction feature in 2008: TULPAN. The much-acclaimed film made its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Un Certain Regard Prize.

2004 IN THE DARK (V Temnote) – documentary
1999 HIGHWAY (Trassa) – documentary
1998 BREAD DAY (Hlebny Den) – documentary
1995 PARADISE (Schastie) – documentary


Samal Yesyamova
Zhipargul Abdilaeva
David Alaverdyan
Sergey Mazur
Slava Agashkin
Ashkat Kuchinchirekov


Director: Sergey Dvortsevoy
Screenwriter: Sergey Dvortsevoy , Gennady Ostrovsky
Cinematographer: Jolanta Dylewska
Editor: Sergey Dvortsevoy, Petar Markovic
Production Design: Olga Jurasova
Sound: Maksim Belovolov, Martin Frühmorgen , Joanna Napieralska, Holger Lehmann
Costumes: Aleksandra Demidova

Technical Data

format DCP / color / 1:1,85 / 5.1
length 100 min.
languages Russian, Kyrgyz

For Your Consideration - 91st Academy Awards
Foreign Language Film - Kazakhstan

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Tuesday, December 4 – 6:00pm
Dick Clark Productions Screening Room

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