by Pål Sletaune



Anna and her 8-year old son, Anders, are on the run from Anders’ violent father. They move to a secret address in a giant apartment building. Anna is terrified that her ex-husband will find them and buys a babycall to make sure Anders is safe while he sleeps. But strange noises echoe in the babycall from elsewhere in the building. Anna overhears what she believes is the murder of a child. Meanwhile, Anders gets a mysterious, dark-haired friend who comes and goes a she wants. Does Anders’ friend know something about the sounds in the babycall? Why is there blood on Anders’ drawing? Are they still in danger?




Director and screenwriter Pål Sletaune (b. 1960) has degrees in literature, photo and art history from the University of Oslo. Sletaune has directed three feature films and several short films. BABYCALL is his fourth feature film. In 1998 Variety pronounced him one of the worlds 10 most promising directors worldwide. All his feature films have been chosen for major festivals, like Cannes, Venice and Toronto. His first feature, JUNK MAIL (1997), won the prestigious Critics Week at the Cannes International Film Festival in 1997. Sletaune is also a well known director of commercials with several international awards, including Gold and Silver Lions in Cannes. His features sold very well internationally, with two of his feature films also selling remake rights to the US and Australia.

Filmography as screenwriter and director:

2005 NEXT DOOR (Naboer) Psychological thriller, 75 min.
2001 YOU REALLY GOT ME (Amatørene) Black comedy, 88 min.
1997 JUNK MAIL (Budbringeren) Black comedy, 78 min.


Noomi Rapace (Anna)
Kristoffer Joner (Helge)
Vetle Qvenild Werring (Anders)


Written and directed by: Pål Sletaune
Turid Øversveen
Co-producers Karl Baumgartner, Anna Croneman Cast Noomi Rapace
Produced by 4 ½ Fiksjon
in co-production with Pandora Film, Germany and BOB Film Sweden
Supported and financed by The Norwegian Film Institute, The Swedish Film Institute, Hessen Invest Film, Nordic Film and TV Fund, Eurimages, NRK, SF Norge, NFP, The Match Factory

Technical Data

Format: 35mm / 1:2,35 CinemaScope /DTS
Length: approx. 100 Min
Language: Norwegian, Swedish

Original title: Babycall

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