Carmine Street Guitars

by Ron Mann

Carmine Street Guitars


One shop in the heart of New York’s Greenwich Village remains resilient to encroaching gentrification: Carmine Street Guitars. Custom guitar maker Rick Kelly and his young apprentice Cindy Hulej build handcrafted instruments out of reclaimed wood from old hotels, bars, churches and other local buildings. Nothing looks or sounds like them, which is the reason they have been embraced by the likes of Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Patti Smith. Featuring a cast of prominent musicians and artists: Eszter Balint, Christine Bougie (Bahamas), Nels Cline (Wilco), Kirk Douglas (The Roots), Eleanor Friedberger, Bill Frisell, Dallas Good (The Sadies), Travis Good (The Sadies), Dave Hill, Jaime Hince (The Kills), Stewart Hurwood, Jim Jarmusch (Sqürl), Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Band), Marc Ribot, Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan Band).


Canadian filmmaker and producer Ron Mann is renowned for his genre-bending approach to documentary cinema that explores art forms and contemporary popular culture with vision and verve. From jazz (Imagine the Sound, 1981), spoken word (Poetry in Motion, 1982), comics (Comic Book Confidential, 1988), dance (Twist, 1992), marijuana (Grass, 1999), car culture (Tales of the Rat Fink, 2006), fungi (Know Your Mushrooms, 2009), and independent filmmaking (Altman, 2015) Mann’s films invoke the ethos and spirit of his subjects in resonant and contemporary ways.


2018: Carmine Street Guitars
2014: Altman
2009: Know Your Mushrooms
2006: Tales of the Rat Fink
2003: Go Further
1999: Grass
1992: Twist
1988: Comic Book Confidential
1982: Poetry in Motion
1981: Imagine the Sound




Rick Kelly
Cindy Hulej  
Dorothy Kelly

Eszter Balint
Christine Bougie (Bahamas)
Nels Cline (Wilco)
Kirk Douglas (The Roots) Eleanor Friedberger
Bill Frisell
Dallas Good (The Sadies)
Travis Good (The Sadies) Dave Hill
Jaime Hince (The Kills) Stewart Hurwood
Jim Jarmusch (Sqürl)
Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Band) Marc Ribot
Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan Band)


Director: Ron Mann
Producer: Ron Mann
Writer: Len Blum
Director of Photography: John Minh Tran, Becky Parsons
Sound: Michael Guggino
Music Score: The Sadies
Sound Design: Ted Rosnick
Editor: Robert Kennedy
Executive Producers: Carter Logan, Michael Hirsh

Technical Data

format DCP / colour / 5.1
length 80 min.
original languages English

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