Che - Un hombre nuevo

by Tristán Bauer

Che - Un hombre nuevo


Ernesto Guevara, Che, murdered at the age of 39, has become a true icon of our era.

His image, his works and his philosophy carry enormous weight nowadays.

By means of this documentary we hope to disentangle some key factors: his intimacy, his never ending education, his coherence, studies and thought processes at the service of action and the construction of a new world, his extraordinarily poetic outlook of reality.

The narrative's primary support is the atmosphere generated by the evocation of memory; the idea is to present snippets of memory in which certain acts or deeds take place, seen from an intimate and subjective viewpoint, that of Ernesto Guevara, based on his texts, his recordings and literary narrations, stock footage from the time in which he lived and its contraposition to the current times, with a world scarred by violence and inequality.

After more than ten years of research while studying his written works, we believe that it is fundamental to offer the mythical image of Che from a new perspective, from the depth of his philosophy, to offer a dimension that lends new meaning to his public performance and shows the greatness of his acts.


Argentinian director Tristán Bauer worked with Latin
American directors such as Estela Bravo, Jorge Denit and
Miguel Littin before he started directing his own feature
films as well as short films, television programs and
documentaries. His work brought him numerous national
and international awards, among which his latest feature
Illuminados por el fuego that was awarded with major film
prizes in America and Europe, including the Special Prize
of the Jury in San Sebastián 2005 and the Best Fiction
Film of New York's Tribeca Festival 2006.
Tristán Bauer co-founded the documentary production
group »Cine Testimonio« that produces films about the social
reality in Latin America; since 2007 he is the director
of »Encuentro«, the TV channel of the Argentine Ministry
of Education. He graduated as a director from the Centro
Experimental del Instituto Nacional de Cinematografía,
Argentina, in 1982.

Selected Filmography as writer, director, producer:

2005 »Blessed by Fire« (Illuminados por el fuego) - feature film
2000 »The Books and the Night« (Los Libros de la Noche) - documentary
1991 »After the Storm« (Después de la tormenta) - feature film


Written by: Tristán Bauer, Carolina Scaglione,
Supported by: Alfredo Guevara
Cinematographer: Javier Juliá
Sound designer: Martín Grignaschi
Music: Federico Jusid "Metronome"
Editors: José María del Peón, Carolina Scaglione, Gabriel Golzman
Research: Centro De Estudios Che Guevara

Technical Data

Format: 35 mm / 1:66 / Colour
Length: 129 min
Original language: Spanish

Original title: Che, un hombre nuevo


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Che - Un hombre nuevo
Che - Un hombre nuevo

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