Cinema Laika

by Veljko Vidak

Cinema Laika


In a small village in Finland, which has relied solely on metallurgical activities for the past two centuries, Aki Kaurismäki and his friend, the poet and writer, Mika Lätti are constructing their own cinema theater within an old foundry. Employing recycled wood, metal, and pre-owned furniture, Kaurismäki and the residents of Karkkila collaboratively craft Kino Laika. The venue is surrounded by Cadillacs, motorcycles, rock bars, and the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, encapsulating the very essence of cinema's enchantment - a place where the magic resides in its profound capacity to instigate change.


Veljko Vidak is a Croatian filmmaker and artist. He grew up in the Dalmatian back country, dividing his time between school and work on the family farm. When war broke out in ex-Yugoslavia, he managed to enrol in the University of History while preparing his application to the Academy of Fine Arts of Zagreb, where he would be graduated as a painter. Then, he was awarded a grant that enabled him to go to Paris, at the Cité internationale des arts. Fascinated by the cultural effervescence of this city, which he had only visited in films, he chose to settle there permanently. He assiduously attended the Cinémathèque française and reinforced his cinephile culture. He moved for a time to Berlin. This saw him turn to video, making pieces on the themes of history and the subconscious. He exhibits regularly in France and his works have travelled the world. On returning to Paris, he decided to deepen his knowledge of cinematographic techniques and began a master’s degree in film directing. He then made his first shorts and a medium length film. Cinéma Laika is his first documentary feature.



2023 Cinéma Laika
2021 Invisible Ties
2017 Dreamless
2016 Retro
2016 Kasetti



Aki Kaurismäki
Jim Jarmusch
Simon Al-Bazoon
Nuppu Koivu
Veljko Vidak

as themselves


Written by: Veljko Vidak - Emmanuelle Felce
Cinematographer: Veljko Vidak
Editor: Veljko Vidak - Emmanuelle Felce
Sound mix: Olivier Dô Huu
Color correction: Philippe Chesneau
Producer: Emmanuelle Felce - Veljko Vidak

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