Contact High

by Michael Glawogger

Contact High


Hans Wurst and Max Durst dream of getting rich as hot dog stand tycoons while the small-time crook Schorsch just wants to sit around watching car racing all day. Mao would be able to do just that if she didn't have to babysit her girlfriend's daughter all the time. And Harry would absolutely die for a roll in the hay with his blond mechanics. But when Carlos' bag enters the scene, all their dreams and wishful thinking suddenly turn to dust. "Next stop: Drogomysl!"


Born 1959 in Graz, Austria, Michael Glawogger is a traveling filmmaker. Not only does he literally travel around the world for his documentaries, he also travels back and forth between forms and genres, between photography and writing, between gentler and more forceful tones.
He graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute and the Vienna Film Academy and has since worked as a director, writer, and cinematographer in Vienna, Bangkok, and Znojmo.
His films have attracted international attention, having been invited to countless festivals around the world where Michael Glawogger has been awarded both for his documentaries as well as his feature films, which include »Slumming« (2006, feature), »Workingman's Death« (2004, documentary), »Slugs« (2004, feature) and »Megacities« (1998, documentary).

2009 »Contact High« (Feature), »Kill Daddy Good Night« (Das Vaterspiel / Feature)
2006 »Slumming« (Feature)
2004 »Workingman's Death« (Documentary), »Slugs« (Feature)
1999 »France, Here We Come!« (Documentary)
1998 »Megacities« (Documentary)
1996 »Movies In The Mind« (Documentary)
1995 »Ant Street« (Feature)
1989 »War In Vienna« (Documentary)


Raimund Wallisch - Johann
Michael Ostrowski - Max
Detlev Buck - Harry
Georg Friedrich - Schorsch
Pia Hierzegger - Mao


Director: Michael Glawogger
Screenplay: Michael Ostrowski, Michael Glawogger
Producers: Erich Lackner, Claus Boje, Marianna Rowinska, Nicholas Steil, Franz Novotny
Cinematographer: Wolfgang Thaler (Attila Boa)
Editor: Monika Willi, Christoph Brunner
Art Director: Renate Martin, Andreas Donhauser
A production of Lotus-Film
In co-production with Boje Buck Produktion / Ozumi Films / Iris Productions / Novotny & Novotny

Technical Data

Format: 35 mm / 24fps / 1:2,35 cinemascope / Colour / Digital
Length: 95 min.
Original Language: German, English, Polish, Spanish

Original title: Contact High


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Contact High
Contact High

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