by Nana Neul



Martha and Betty have known each other for twenty years and they have decided to break through. Their goal is in front of them, with disaster looming from behind. What the two best friends also share are problems with their fathers that have been smoldering for ages; unresolved relationships that hang over them like storm clouds; filled to the brim with reproaches, fears and unspoken hurts. Wasted debates on a dead track - with no chance of clarification or reconciliation. But while Martha realizes that her father has only faked his death wish in order to see the great love of his life again on Lake Maggiore, Betty mourns her stepfather Ernesto, who supposedly died years ago.

What began as a day trip to Switzerland turns this way into a road trip through half of Europe. For the twisted roads of life are peppered with potholes, detours and forks. Not only Martha's father pursues his own agenda, but during the journey after her father's footsteps Betty also discovers the startling truth that death is not always the end...


The author and director, Nana Neul, was born in Werther in 1974. She studied at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. After several short films, she made her feature film debut with TO FARO (2007) about the first love of a transsexual girl and was awarded for the screenplay at the 29th Max Ophüls Prize. Her second feature film SILENT SUMMER (2013), for which she also wrote the screenplay, screened in the Neues Deutsches Kino series at Filmfest München. DAUGHTERS is her third cinematic work. For television, Neul shot DAS WARTEZIMMER (2009), EINE SOMMERLIEBE ZU DRITT (2016) and last but not least, together with the producer Bettina Brokemper, OUR CHILD (2018). In development is the film adaptation of her book SENIOR EXPERT.


2021 Daughters
2018 Our Child
2016 Eine Sommerliebe zu Dritt
2013 Silent Summer
2009 Das Wartezimmer
2007 To Faro


Birgit Minichmayr - Betty
Alexandra Maria Lara - Martha
Josef Bierbichler - Kurt
Giorgio Colangeli - Ernesto
Andreas Konstantinou - Yannis


Director Neul, Nana
Director of Photography Keller, Bernhard
Screenplay Fricke, Lucy; Neul, Nana
based upon the novel by Fricke, Lucy
Casting Director Ritter, Susanne
Costume Design Scharfschwerdt, Ulrike
Make-up Bockeloh, Antje; Schneider, Katrin
Sound Recordist Antypas, Ioannis
Sound Design Fleig, Corinna
Sound Mix Fleig, Tobias
Art Director Krumwiede, Christiane; Goulakou, Eva; Possenti, Cristiana a.s.c.
Original Score Qrella, Masha
Editor Stabenow, Stefan
Producer Brokemper, Bettina
Co-Producer Gattoni, Simone; Buffoni, Laura; Weber, Michael; Kontovrakis, Konstantinos; Karnavas, Giorgos

Technical Data

Original title: TÖCHTER
International title: DAUGHTERS
Duration (min.): 121
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Format: 2K
Sound: 5. 1
Original language: German
Country(ies) of production: Germany Italy

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