Donkey Flies

by Paolo Tripodi and Marcello Fonte

Donkey Flies


Maurizio is a headstrong little boy, who grew up living out a thousand solitary adventures by the creek, a small stream that is almost always dry, a place where people dump the things they no longer need. Maurizio has transformed that dumping ground into his own playground, and there, amongst the carcasses of cars turned into shelters and all the small and large treasures to be found, his dream of playing in the neighbourhood band develops.

The first person to which Maurizio confides his passion for music is his donkey friend Moses. Moses is always ready to advise and encourage him, the total opposite of N'Giulina, the hen who constantly teases him, magnifying his fears and painting his dreams as useless fantasies. Maurizio starts to take music lessons with other children in the local band, but is soon the only one left without a musical instrument. His mum Rosa does not want to buy him one: she sees music as yet another whim of a naughty child, a luxury that the family can not afford.

Between Moses' good advice and N'Giulina's teasing, his adventures multiply in search of the instrument. But Maurizio knows that in this situation he cannot make any mistakes: if he wants to realize his dream he must be determined until the end.




Born in Reggio Calabria in 1978, after his scientific high school diploma Paolo Tripodi attended the Centre for Experimental Cinematography, where he completed a directing course. He is a director and co-screenwriter for "In casa d'altri", part of the collective movie "Sei pezzi facili".


Born in Reggio Calabria in 1978. Musician, performer and sculptor, Marcello Fonte moved toward cinema thanks to a passion for acting.
DONKEY FLIES is his directorial debut.



young Maurizio - Francesco Tramontana
Mamma Rosa - Silvia Gallerano
Maestro Angelo - Antonello Pensabene
Peppino, Don Lauro, Don Paolino, Mimì - Marcello Fonte
adult Maurizio - Luigi Lo Cascio


Directed By Marcello Fonte, Paolo Tripodi
Written By Marcello Fonte, Giuliano Miniati, Paolo Tripodi
Claudio Cofrancesco
 Esmeralda Calabria
Original Music Valerio C. Faggioni
Sound Piergiuseppe Fancellu
Set Design Bruno Melappioni
Costumes Chiara Nobile
Make Up
 Giovanna Di Pasquale
Hairstyle Massimo Allinoro
Animation Michele Bernardi

Technical Data

Format: DCP / Color
Length: 75 min.
Original Language: Italian


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