Down by Law

by Jim Jarmusch

Down by Law


In DOWN BY LAW an unemployed disc-jockey, a small-time pimp and a strong-willed Italian tourist meet in the confined space of a prison cell. Avoiding a specific time period, the story is set, abstractly, in New Orleans and the dense, surrounding swamps of Louisiana (places Jarmusch had never visited until after completing the screenplay). Jarmusch calls the style of the film «neo-beat-noir-comedy», with a story line that openly accepts conventions, and an atmosphere that is part nightmare and part fairy-tale («it's a sad and beautiful world»).



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Tom Waits - Zack
John Lurie - Jack
Roberto Benigni - Roberto
Nicoletta Braschi - Nicoletta


Writer & director: Jim Jarmusch
Costumes: Carol Wood
Cinematographer: Robby Müller
Music: John Lurie
Editor: Melody London
Songs: Tom Waits
Producer: Alan Kleinberg
Co-producers: Tom Rothman, Jim Stark
Executive producers: Otto Grokenberger, Cary Brokaw, Russel Schwartz

Technical Data

Technical details: black and white
Length: 106 min.
Original language: English 

Down by Law
Down by Law

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