Fill The Void

by Rama Burshtein

Fill The Void


FILL THE VOID tells the story of an Orthodox Hassidic family from Tel Aviv. Eighteen-year-old Shira is the youngest daughter of the family. She is about to be married off to a promising young man of the same age and background. It is a dream-come-true, and Shira feels prepared and excited.
On Purim, her twenty-eight-year-old sister, Esther, dies while giving birth to her first child. The pain and grief that overwhelm the family postpone Shira's promised match.
Everything changes when an offer is proposed to match Yochay - the late Esther's husband - to a widow from Belgium. Yochay feels it's too early, although he realizes that sooner or later he must seriously consider getting married again.
When the girls' mother finds out that Yochay may leave the country with her only grandchild, she proposes a match between Shira and the widower.
Shira will have to choose between her heart's wish and her family duty...


Rama Burshtein was born in New York, USA in 1967. She graduated the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School, Jerusalem in 1994. During those years Rama became deeply religious and upon her graduation she dedicated herself to promoting film as a tool for self expression in the orthodox community.

Rama wrote, directed and produced films for the orthodox community, some of them for women only. She was also teaching directing and scriptwriting in various film and television institutions within the orthodox community; those include Ma'ale Film School, Yad Benjamin Film School for Woman, Ulpena Arts School, Jerusalem. FILL THE VOID is her first feature film.



Shira: Hadas Yaron
Yochay: Yiftach Klein
Rivka: Irit Sheleg
Aharon: Chaim Sharir
Aunt Hanna: Razia Israely
Frieda : Hila Feldman
Esther: Renana Raz
Shifi: Yael Tal
Shtreicher: Michael David Weigl
Yossi: Ido Samuel
Bilha: Neta Moran
Rabbi: Melech Thal


Written and Directed by: Rama Burshtein
Producer: Assaf Amir
Cinematographer: Asaf Sudry
Editor: Sharon Elovic
Composer: Yitzhak Azulay
Art Director: Ori Aminov
Costume Designer: Chani Gurewitz
Sound Designer: Aviv Aldema

Technical Data

Format: Feature Film / Colour / 1:2,35
Length: 90 min
Original Language: Hebrew


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