by Adrián Biniez



Jara (35) is a shy and lonely security guard at a supermarket on the outskirts of Montevideo. He is in charge of monitoring the surveillance cameras of the entire building. Since he works the night shift, there's not much to do, and the place looks pretty quiet. Consequently, Jara spends most of the time doing what he does at home: watching videos, filling out crosswords, and listening to music. Everything seems to be going as usual until Jara accidentally discovers Julia, a cleaning woman (25) through one of the cameras, and becomes gradually attracted to her. At first, Jara spends hours watching her through the cameras while she works at the supermarket. But soon, he starts following her after work when she goes to the cinema, to the beach or even to a date with another man.
His life slowly starts to turn into a series of routines and rituals around Julia. One day, rumour spreads of an upcoming cut back on personnel, which generates concern among the employees. When the redundancies finally become effective and the cleaning woman gets fired, Jara finds himself at a crossroad, and he has to decide whether to give up his obsession, or to confront it.


Adrián Biniez Pauluk was born on 28 August 1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the nineties, he was a singer and composer for the Argentinean indie pop band Reverb. He recorded two albums with the band and was frequently on tour. In 2003, he played a small role as a karaoke musician in the film »Whisky«. Later he moved to Montevideo where he lives today. The musician worked on the side for the production company Taxi Films as a scriptwriter, where he worked on the award-winning TV series »El fin del Mundo« (FONAAward 2005). In April 2005, he participated in the Talent Campus at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. From October to November 2005, he participated in the III Curso de Proyectos Cinematograficos Latinoamericanos in Madrid, Spain. In 2005, he shot the short film »8 hours« (8 Horas) and won first prize at the Festival de Cine Independiente de Buenos Aires 2006 (BAFICI) as well as first prize at the Festival Cinematográfico Internacional de Uruguay 2006. His second short film »Total Availability« (Total Disponibilidad) ran in competition at BAFICI in 2008. »Gigante« is his first long feature film.

2008 »Gigante«, »Total Availability« (Total Disponibilidad / Short)
2005 »8 Hours« (8 Horas / Short)


Horacio Camandule - Jara
Leonor Svarcas - Julia


Director: Adrián Biniez
Screenplay: Adrián Biniez
Producers: Fernando Epstein, Agustina Chiarino
Cinematographer: Arauco Hernández
Editor: Fernando Epstein
Art Director: Alejandro Castiglioni
A production of Control Z Films
In co-production with Pandora Film / Christoph Friedel / Rizoma Films / Hernán Mussaluppi / Idtv / Frans Van Gestel & Jeroen Beker
In association with ZDF / arte
With the backing from Hubert Bals Fund / Filmstiftung NRW / MVD Socio Audiovisual / ICAU / Programa Ibermedia / Latinoamerica Primera Copia (Festival de NCL de La Habana) / INCAA Associate

Technical Data

Format: / 35 mm / 24fps / 1:1,85 / Colour / Digital
Length: 90 Min.
Original Language: Spanish

Original title: Gigante


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