Innocence of Memories

by Grant Gee

Innocence of Memories


Orhan Pamuk – Turkey's Nobel laureate for Literature – opens a museum in Istanbul. A museum that's a fiction: its objects trace a tale of doomed love in 1970's Istanbul. The film takes a tour of the objects as the starting point for a trip through love stories, landscapes and the chemistry of the city.


Grant Gee is a filmmaker based in Brighton, England. He has made films about anarchists, rock groups, rock climbers and writers. His 1997 film Meeting People is Easy about Radiohead was nominated for a Grammy. He also directed the iconic music video for the group’s song No Surprises. His film Joy Division won the UK‘s Grierson Award for Best Theatrical Documentary (2008). His film The Western Lands won Best Short Film at the Banff Film Festival (2008). His 2012 film Patience (After Sebald), about W. G. Sebald’s unclassifiable masterpiece, The Rings of Saturn premiered at the New York Film Festival and enjoyed successful theatrical runs in both the UK and US. He is currently developing his first drama – adaptations of Alison Moore’s The Lighthouse.


Ayla - Pandora Colin
Kemal - Mehmet Ergen
Taxi -  Driver Süleyman Fidaye
Ragpicker - Dursun Saka
Actress - Türkan Şoray
Ferry Man - Alparslan Bulut


Directed and photographed by Grant Gee
Original Narration by Orhan Pamuk
Produced by Janine Marmot and Keith Griffiths
Co-Producer Andrew Freedman
Film Editor and Sound Designer Jerry Chater
Music Composed by Leyland Kirby
Animation Andersen M Studio
Photographer Ara Güler
Orhan Pamuk Interview by Emre Ayvaz
Executive Producer Beatrice Bordone Bulgari, Marta Donzelli, Lizzie Francke, Amy Gardner, Teresa Gilchrist, Gregorio Paonessa, Keith Potter, Luciano Rigolini

Technical Data

Format: DCP / cinemascope / color / 5.1
Length: 97 min
Original language: English, Turkish

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