Itsi Bitsi

by Ole Christian Madsen

Itsi Bitsi


Eik is arrested when putting up anti-nuclear posters all over Copenhagen. In jail he falls head of heels in love with the beautiful peace activist Iben. Moving into a romantic garden shack Eik and Iben idle their days away writing poetry and planning new protests. When Eik decides to go to Paris Iben soon joins him accompanied by a new lover. Eik is jealous, relegated to being third leg in the first of a series of love triangles.

Eik and Iben embark on a nomadic journey in search of the meaning of life. In Spain they meet Vincent, a man obsessed with wanderlust and philosophy. Vincent mesmerises Iben and again Eik must abide. Arriving in Athens Eik and Iben join young beatniks from across Europe on a rooftop in the Plaka neighbourhood. When Eik is introduced to hashish and intravenous drugs doors to new dimensions are thrown wide open. At first their rooftop life makes carefree, mind-bending sense. Then Iben becomes pregnant. Eik wants to keep the baby but Iben insists on having an abortion before leaving back for Copenhagen. Angrily Eik departs for Baghdad.

Months later Eik learns that Iben is not well. Worried he flies back finding her hooked on drugs. Iben hits rock bottom realizing that to survive she needs to change. She leaves Eik to join a theatrical group in the countryside.. In a final attempt to impress her, Eik decides to form a band. The Steppenwolves become Denmark's first rock band, notorious for their drug-taking but catapulted to fame by the smashing success of their debut album HIP. Encouraged by his fame Eik visits Iben begging her to come back. Iben refuses saying she will die if she does. Eik tries to persuade her that they can build a life together with kids. Iben breaks down explaining that after the abortion she is unable to give birth. Eik and Iben part - this time forever.

Heartbroken Eik leaves on a final trip to Nepal, their former dream destination. All alone in a vast and lonely desert Eik takes his own life on October 15th, 1968 leaving a sad, brief note of farewell. Thus ends an era, thus ends the story of Iben & Eik.


Ole Christian Madsen is one of Scandinavia's top directors. ITSI BITSI being his 7th feature film his previous body of work includes the World War II thriller FLAME & CITRON (2008), which set box office records in Denmark and was eventually sold to more than 60 territories. Debuting in 1999 with PIZZA KING, Ole Christian became part of the Dogme-wave in 2001 with KIRA'S REASON - A LOVE STORY, had a local smash hit with ANGELS IN FAST MOTION in 2005, followed up the year after with the break-up drama PRAGUE starring Mads Mikkelsen and Stine Stengade and most recently in 2012 landed his hilarious culture-clash comedy SUPERCLÁSICO on the US Academy's 9 film Best Foreign Language shortlist thereby almost making the final cut of 5 nominees. Ole Christian has also left a strong mark in tv helming the acclaimed series THE SPIDER (2000) and having directed installments on series such as TAXA (1997) and UNIT ONE (2002-04) and the US series BANSHEE (2013-14). Ole Christian's work mixes critical success with commercial clout making him one of Denmark's most consistently successful film directors.

2014 Itsi Bitsi
2011 Superclásico
2008 Flame & Citron
2006 Prague
2005 Angels In Fast Motion
2001 Kira's reason - A Love Story
2000 The Spider(TV)
1999 Pizza King
1997 Taxa(TV)
1996 Sinan's wedding
1994 Stormfulde Hjerter
1988 Kun for Forrykte


Joachim Fjelstrup - Eik Skaløe
Marie Tourell Søderberg - Iben Nagel Rasmussen
Christian Gade Bjerrum - Christian
Johannes Nymark - Henrik
Ola Rapace - Vincent
Julia Ragnarsson - Majbritt
Anette Støvelbæk - Eik´s mother
Thure Lindhardt - Eik´s father
Jakob Randrup - Stig Møller


Directed by Ole Christian Madsen
Written by Bo hr. Hansen, Ole Christian Madsen
Produced by Lars Bredo Rahbek
Cinematography by Jørgen Johansson
Edited by Søren B. Ebbe
Sound designer Hans Møller
Production designer Søren Schwarzberg
Costume designer Manon Rasmussen
Make-up artist Tina Jesenković
Composer Henrik Lindstrand
Line producer Kristina Kornum
Co-producers Mikkel Jersin, Igor A. Nola, Anna Croneman
Executive Producers Bo Ehrhardt, Birgitte Hald

Technical Data

Format: DCP
Length: 106 min.
Original Language: Danish

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