Layla Fourie

by Pia Marais

Layla Fourie


Layla, a young polygraphist, is given the opportunity to get proper employment in a company specializing in the business of lie-detection and security. As a single mother, Layla is forced to take her son Kane with her on her journey.

As they head into the country, to what Layla hopes will be the beginning of a real life, an accident happens. Yet from this moment on, their lives will never be the same. A web of lies and deception become firmly wrapped around this young mother and son and as their trust is be put to the test, it is perhaps just a matter of time before the truth tears them apart...



Pia Marais made her feature debut with DIE UNERZOGENEN (THE UNPOLISHED), which has screened at many international film festivals and has won various prizes, including a Tiger Award 2007 in Rotterdam. Her second feature film IM ALTER VON ELLEN (AT ELLEN’S AGE) developed in the Résidence du Festi- val de Cannes premiered at International Competition in Locarno and won also numerous prizes such as for second time Crossing Europe Award. With her new film LAYLA FOURIE Pia returns to the place of her childhood.


2010 »At Ellen's Age« (Im Alter von Ellen)
2007 »The Unpolished« (Die Unerzogenen)


Rayna Campbell
August Diehl
Rapule Hendricks


Director: Pia Marais
Screenwriter: Horst Markgraf, Pia Marais
Producers: Claudia Steffen, Christoph Friedel
Co-Producers: Jeremy Nathan, Tom Decour, Frans van Gestel, Michael Auret
Cinematographer: André Chemetoff
Production designer: Petra Barchi
Production: Pandora Filmproduktion
in coprodction with: DV8 Films, Topkapi Films, Cinema Defacto, WDR/Arte, Spier Films
Supported by: Film- & Medienstiftung NRW, Eurimages, DFFF, FFA & CNC Minitreaty, Dutch Film Fund, DTI South Africa, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Media Development

Technical Data

Format: DCP / color / 1:2.35 / Dolby Digital
108 min
Original language: English


Layla Fourie
Layla Fourie

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