Love and Other Crimes

by Stefan Arsenijevic

Love and Other Crimes


Thirty-something Anica feels restless in her dead-end life with an older man and small-time mobster in Belgrade. Milutin's caring affection for her isn't enough; Anica longs for true love. She has secretly decided to finally leave the country for good and start anew. Tonight she'll empty Milutin's safe of protection money and leave everything and everyone behind.

So today is a very big day for Anica. She has a lot to do as she anticipates the moment when she'll part with her imperfect life - telling her grandmother goodbye, giving overdue beauty tips to a girlfriend. What Anica doesn't know is that today is also an important day for those around her. A day for numerous confessions, confrontations and revelations. Milutin must ponder his own feelings as a single parent of a mute teenage daughter. Milutin's young right hand man Stanislav is having a busy day himself handling skirmishes with competitors and dealing with his emotionally fragile singer mother. But it's sensitive young thug Stanislav's confession of love to Anica which could change everything on this very day ...


»Love and Other Crimes« is Stefan Arsenijevic's first feature film. He directed the "Fabulous Vera" episode of the 2005 omnibus feature »Lost and Found«. Arsenijevic directed the multi-award-winning 2003 short »(A)Torsion« (among others, Berlin Golden Bear, European Film Award, Oscar Nomination). Born in 1977 in Belgrade, Arsenijevic studied philosophy then received his degree in Film and TV Direction at the Belgrade Dramatic Arts Faculty. He is a co-founder of the Belgrade-based production company Art & Popcorn.


2008 »Love and Other Crimes« (Feature)
2005 »Fabulous Vera« Episode of »Lost and Found« (Omnibus Feature)
2003 »(A)Torsion« (Short)
2002 »Little Morning Story« (Short)
2001 »Night Porter« (Short)
2000 »Landscapes« (Documentary)
2000 »Plum Tree« (Short)


Anica Dobra - Anica
Vuk Kostic - Stanislav
Fedja Stojanovic - Milutin
Milena Dravic - Stanislav's Mother
Hanna Schwamborn - Ivana


Director and Scriptwriter: Stefan Arsenijevic
Producers: Herbert Schwering, Miroslav Mogorovic
Co-Producers: Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Janez Kovic
Cinematographer: Simon Tansek
Editor: Andrew Bird
Art Director: Volker Schaefer
A production of Coin Film (Germany), Art & Popcorn (Serbia)
In co-production with KGP (Austria), Studio Arkadena (Slovenia), WDR and ORF
Supported by Eurimages, Film Center Serbia, Filmstiftung NRW, BKM, Vienna Film Fund, FFA, Belgrad Secretary For Culture, Slovenian Film Fund, Robert Bosch Stiftung, Serbian Ministry Of Culture, Hubert Bals Fund, SEECN

Technical Data

Format: 35 mm /24fps / 1:1,85 / Colour / Dolby Digital
Length: 105 Min.
Original Language: Serbian

Original title: Love and other crimes


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Love and Other Crimes
Love and Other Crimes

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