by Gustavo Taretto



Martin is a phobic in recovery process. Little by little he manages to step out of theisolation of his one-room apartment and his virtual reality. He is a web designer.

Mariana just broke up after a long relationship. Her head is a mess, just like the apartment where she takes refuge. Martin and Mariana live in the same street, in opposite buildings, but they never met.

They walk through the same places, but they do not notice each other.

How can they meet in a city of three million people?

Urban loneliness.

Buenos Aires.


What separates them is what brings them together.


Gustavo Taretto was born in Buenos Aires in 1965. In 1983 he started attending different photography workshops, black & white and color. At the same time, he studied music and started to attend to script and direction workshops. In 1993 he started working as a creative in an advertising agency.  After 14 years, he reached the executive creative direction in Ogilvy Argentina. He received several awards in festivals arround the world, among others the Gold Lion in 2002. 
In 1999 he joined the school of the master José Martinez Suarez. Where he wrote and directed 3 short films, “Las insoladas”, “Cien pesos” and “Medianeras”, which has received more than 40 international awards, including the Gran Prix in Clemont Ferrand, 2006. His fourth short film “Hoy no estoy” has been premiered in Locarno and received the Leopard of domain for the Best Short Film. 

Filmography as writer-director
2011 medianeras (feature)
2010 una vez más (short) 
2007 hoy no estoy (short) 
2005 medianeras (short) 
2003 cien pesos (short) 
2002 las insoladas (short)


Pilar López de Ayala - Mariana
Javier Drolas - Martin
Inés Efrón - Ana
Carla Peterson - Marcela
Rafa Ferro - Rafa
Adrián Navarro - Lucas


Written and directed by: Gustavo Taretto 
Director of photography:  Leandro Martinez
Editors:  Pablo Mari, Rosario Suarez
Music: Gabriel Chwojnik
Visual effects:
Mariano Santilli  
Assistant director:  Silvana Savastano
Catriel Vildosola 
Costume designer: Flavia Gaitan
Make up: Manuela Scheldbauer
Production manager:  Silvana di Francesco
Production designers:
Luciana Quartaruolo, Romeo Fasce 
Line producer: Fernando Brom 
Producers: Natacha Cervi, Hernan Musaluppi, Christoph Friedel, Luis Minarro, Luis Sartor

Executive producer:
Barbara Francisco 


Produced by RIZOMA in coproduction with PANDORA FILMPRODUKTION (Germany), EDDIE SAETA (Spain) in association with ZARLEK PRODUCCIONES (Argentina)

With the support of INCAA, Ibermedia, World Cinema Fund, Filmstiftung NRW, ICAA, tv3

Technical Data

Format: 35mm / 24fps / 1:1,85 / Colour / Dolby Digital
Length: 95 min
Original language: Spanish

Original title: Medianeras


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