Motel Destino

by Karim Aïnouz

Motel Destino


The neon-hued Motel Destino is a roadside sex hotel under the burning blue skies of the coast of Northern Brazil, run by the boorish Elias and his frustrated, beautiful wife Dayana. When 21 year-old Heraldo finds himself at the motel, after messing up a hit and going on the run from both the police and the gang he let down, Dayana finds herself intrigued and lets him stay. As the two navigate a dance of power, desire and liberation, a dangerous plan for freedom emerges. In this tropical noir, loyalties and desires intertwine, revealing that destiny has its own enigmatic design.


Igor Xavier
Nataly Rocha
Fabio Assunção

Technical Data

Original title: Motel Destino
International title: Motel Destino
Duration (min.): TBC 112 (min)
Year: 2024
Original language: Portuguese

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