Mystery Train

by Jim Jarmusch

Mystery Train


MYSTERY TRAIN is a temporal comedy that takes place within one twenty-four hour period in Memphis, Tennessee. The film is a kind of triptych including three separate but connecting stories, like those Japanese films made up of several ghost stories, or the Italian ones consisting of romantic comedies. But in Memphis, it's the Italian who is visited by a ghost, and the Japanese who are romantically inclined. And there's an Englishman there too, who causes everything to get pretty fucked up by the end. Although the characters never really meet, in MYSTERY TRAIN the episodic form is finally just a disguise, and the three stories just separate cars pulled by the same train - a minimalist's version of the Canterbury Tales.



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1980 Permanent Vacation


Masatoshi Nagase
Youki Kudoh
Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Cinqué Lee
Rufus Thomas
Joe Strummer
Rick Aviles
Elizabeth Bracco
Nicoletta Braschi
Steve Buscemi 


Writter & director: Jim Jarmusch
Cinematographer: Robby Müller
Music: John Lurie
Editor: Melody London
Costume designer: Carol Wood
Producer: Jim Stark

Technical Data

Format: Color
Length: 110 min.
Original language: English, Japanese 

Mystery Train
Mystery Train

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