New Order

by Michel Franco

New Order


In this riveting, suspenseful dystopian drama, a lavish upper-class wedding goes awry in an unexpected uprising of class warfare that gives way to a violent coup d’état. As seen through the eyes of the sympathetic young bride and the servants who work for- and against- her wealthy family, NEW ORDER breathlessly traces the collapse of one political system as a more harrowing replacement springs up in its wake.


Michel Franco was born in Mexico City in 1979 and has put Mexican cinema in the global spotlight. The films he has written, directed and produced include Chronic (Best Screenplay Award at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival), Las Hijas de Abril (Jury Prize, in Certain Regard at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival), and Después de Lucía (Top Prize, in Certain Regard at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival).

He has also produced 600 Millas (directed by Gabriel Ripstein and winner of the Best First Feature Award at the 2015 Berlinale), From Afar (directed by Lorenzo Vigas, winner of the Golden Lion at the 2015 Venice Film Festival), among others. Michel will be releasing his 6th feature film, Nuevo Orden, set in a distopian Mexico City, in early 2021.

Director's Filmography
2020 NEW ORDER (Neuvo Orden)
2017 APRIL’S DAUGHTER (Las Hijas de Abril)
2012 AFTER LUCIA (Después de Lucía)
2009 DANIEL AND ANA (Daniel y Ana)


Marianne – Naian González Norvind
Daniel – Diego Boneta
Marta – Mónica del Carmen
Cristian – Fernando Cuautle
Alan – Darío Yazbek
Iván – Roberto Medina
Pilar – Patricia Bernal
Rebeca – Lisa Owen
Victor – Enrique Singer
Rolando – Eligio Meléndez
General Oribe – Gustavo Sánchez Parra


Production Company: Teorema
Co-Production Company: Les Films d’Ici
Writer and Director: Michel Franco
Producers: Michel Franco, Cristina Velasco L., Eréndira Núñez Larios
Coproducer: Charlotte Uzu
Executive Producers: Lorenzo Vigas, Diego Boneta, Cecilia Franco, Charles Barthe
Associate Producers: Grégoire Lassalle, Johnny Sutton
Cinematography: Yves Cape (AFC SBC)
Production Design: Claudio Ramírez Castelli
Costume Design: Gabriela Fernández
Editors: Oscar Figueroa Jara, Michel Franco
Casting: Viridiana Olvera, Victoria Franco
Sound Recordist: Raúl Locatelli
Sound Design: Alejandro de Icaza
VFX Superviors: Hughes Namur, Edgardo Mejía

Technical Data

Original title: Nuevo Orden
International title: New Order
Duration (in minutes): 88 min.
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Sound: 5.1
Year: 2020
Original Language: Spanish
Countries of Production: Mexico, France
Production Companies: Teorema, Les Films D’Ici

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