Night on Earth

by Jim Jarmusch

Night on Earth


NIGHT ON EARTH is a sequence of five comedies which occur simultaneously, but which span different time zones, continents and languages. Each section focuses on the brief relationship which develops between a taxi driver and his/her passenger(s) as they drive through the night, sharing the space of a car interior, suspended between fixed destinations. The film begins in L.A. just as the sunset is being replaced by darkness, then moves into the night of New York, then Paris, then Rome, and finally Helsinki where, as the last sequence ends, the sun again rises, and the winter night fades back into daylight.



2013 Only Lovers Left Alive 
2009 The Limits of Control 
2005 Broken Flowers 
2003 Coffee and Cigarettes 
1999 Ghost Dog 
1997 Year of the Horse (Documentary) 
1995 Coffee and Cigarettes III (Short) 
1995 Dead Man 
1991 Night on Earth 
1989 Mystery Train 
1989 Coffee and Cigarettes II (Short) 
1988 Talking Heads: Storytelling Giant (Video) 
1986 Coffee and Cigarettes (Short) 
1986 Down by Law 
1984 Stranger Than Paradise 
1983 Stranger Than Paradise (Short) 
1980 Permanent Vacation


Winona Ryder
Gena Rowlands
Armin Mueller-Stahl
Roberto Benigni
Giancarlo Esposito
Rosic Perez


Writter & director: Jim Jarmusch
Producer: Jim Jarmusch
Cinematographer: Frederick Elmes
Editor: Jay Rabinowitz
Executive producer: Jim Stark
Co-producer: Demetra J. Mac Bride
Songs: Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan

Technical Data

Format: Color
Length: 128 min.
Original language: Englisch, French, Italian, Finish

Night on Earth
Night on Earth

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