Our Little Differences

by Sylvie Michel

Our Little Differences


Sebastian is a successful doctor who lives the good life. He has an easy-going relationship with his son Arthur. At least, that's how he sees it. His cleaner Jana takes a very different approach. To the doctor's amusement, she's a control freak when it comes to her daughter Vera. Jana, for her part, can only shake her head at how much freedom Arthur enjoys. One evening the youngsters go out together. Without Jana's consent. The following morning when Jana finds out and realises that Arthur and Vera haven't
come home, she panics. Sebastian's attempts to calm her have the opposite effect. Beside herself, and provoked by Sebastian's indifference, Jana can hold back no longer and all their differences erupt. Things come to a head. But their children's disappearance remains a mystery that has to be solved. Sylvie Michel's direction is sensitive and delicate. She shows these two people whom so much unites, but who are unable to reach out to each other. Carefully observed and told with great feeling Our Little Differences is a tense psychological drama about a deeply riven community.


Born in the South of France Sylivie Michel grew up in Paris and since 1982 has been living in Berlin, New York and Los Angeles, working in different areas of film-making amongst other as script supervisor for Wim Wenders (THE PALERMO SHOOTING, DON'T COME KNOCKING, LAND OF PLENTY, THE MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL), Mika Kaurismäki (L.A WITHOUT A MAP), Christian Carion (MERRY CHRISTMAS), Agnieszka Holland (GOLDEN DREAMS), Nana Djordjadze (A CHEF IN LOVE).


Wolfram Koch
Bettina Stucky
Leonard Bruckmann
Silvia Petkova
Wilhelm Eilers
Cornelia Brunig
Katharina Kubel
Jacqueline Macaulay
Mehdi Nebbou


Director: Sylvie Michel
Screenplay: Melissa de Raaf, Sylvie Michel, Razvan Radulescu
Cinematographer: Mario Masini
Editor: Andreas Wodraschke
Sound: Stephan von Hase, Noemi Hampel, Markus Glunz
Music: Andreas Wodraschke
Production Designer: Claus Mayr
Producer: Thanassis Karathanos, Karl Baumgartner
Production Company: Twenty Twenty Vision, Pallas Film

Technical Data

Format: 35mm / Color / 80 min
Original language: German


Our Little Differences
Our Little Differences

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