Peter Handke – In the woods, might be late

by Corinna Belz

Peter Handke – In the woods, might be late


A film about words and about a luminary of modern literature: about Peter Handke, with Peter Handke

In her new documentary, filmmaker Corinna Belz explores the enigma that is Peter Handke. His book titles read like the tunes on a jukebox, like the watchwords of several successive generations of readers: ‘Offending the Audience’, ‘The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty’, ‘A Sorrow Beyond Dreams’, ‘Short Letter, Long Farewell’, and ‘The Weight of the World’. In the ‘60s, Peter Handke showed how to walk the walk of the author-cum-popstar. Yet the moment he made the bestseller lists, he turned his back on all that. He went traveling, taking his readers along with him, into the rhythm and precision of his language, the long, pulsating sentences, the invention and examination of reality. The film shows Mr. Handke as a young man and in his daily life today, always devoted to language, posing the burning questions: Where are we now? And, to quote one of his early films: How to live?


Corinna Belz studied philosophy, art history and media sciences in Cologne, Zurich and Berlin. She has written, directed and produced numerous TV and feature films, including: LIFE AFTER MICROSOFT (2001), OTHER AMERICAN VOICES (2002, nominated for the Grimme-Preis, and awarded the Filmpreis des Deutschen Anwaltvereins) and DREI WÜNSCHE (2005). Her first film about Gerhard Richter’s work, DAS KÖLNER DOMFENSTER (2007), won the World Media Gold Award – Art Documentaries. Her feature documentary, GERHARD RICHTER PAINTING (2011), won the LOLA, the top German film award. An enthusiastic international reception included appearances in 68 US cities, with a nine week run at the Film Forum, NYC.

Corinna Belz lives in Cologne.


Director Corinna Belz
Director of Photography  Nina Wesemann, Axel Schneppat & Piotr Rosolowski
Editor Stephan Krumbiegel
Sound Andreas Hildebrandt
Recording Mixer Martin Steyer
Production Executive Tassilo Aschauer
Producer Thomas Kufus 


Technical Data

Format DCP / 1:1.85 / 5.1
Length 89 min. / 25 fps
Original Language German & French (with english subtitles)

Peter Handke – In the woods, might be late
Peter Handke – In the woods, might be late

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