by Fatih Akin



Gabriel, early 20s, Turk from Altona, just came out of jail. The 15 months he had to pay for aggravated assault have taken him on a new trip: he now wants to transform his friends so that they don't have to eat shit like him.

Both the chaotic Greek Costa and the smart Serb Bobby are his friends. They can't wait to see their old buddy again. They greet him exuberantly at their most important and first appointment after prison: the wedding of Gabriel's older brother Cenk. Apart from Gabriel, not much has changed: Costa is still doing little jobs here and there, and Bobby dreams of a career as a gangster in the hood. But something is new: Alice, Bobby's girlfriend. She is quiet, beautiful and curious about the ex-con she has heard so much about.

After the wedding, the daily routine returns. Bobby connects with the Albanian Muhamer, a brothel owner, who directly offers the young Serb a job. When Alice confronts him, Bobby tries to ignore her. She turns then to Gabriel for help. Alice and Gabriel become friends. They are good to each other. The only problem is they can’t get a handle on Bobby. In a last attempt to keep Bobby from doing something really stupid, Gabriel is chased into the street like a dog by Muhamer. Bobby watches it helplessly. Gabriel doesn't want anything more to do with him. All the more reason for Alice. While the two of them make love that night, Bobby and Costa are ripped off by an arms dealer like two bloody beginners. The worst part is that the money they lose belongs to Muhamer. While Costa saves himself by going to Gabriel, the Albanian Bobby lies in wait for him on his doorstep. The fight escalates until Bobby is shot in the head.
The news of Bobby's death hits Gabriel like a bomb. The fact that he couldn't save his friend and the feeling of guilt for having slept with Alice behind his back make him return to his roots. His past and the tradition demand revenge! Even Alice cannot stop Gabriel. His goal is the night, the hood, a gun, a murder...


Fatih Akin was born in 1973 in Hamburg, Germany. His international breakthrough came with Head-On winner of the Golden Bear, as well as the German and European Film Award. He documented the diversity of the Istanbul music scene in CROSSING THE BRIDGE – THE SOUND OF ISTANBUL. His 2007 feature HE EDGE OF HEAVEN won the Best Screenplay prize at Cannes. The following year, he directed an episode for the compilation film New York, I LOVE YOU. In his comedy SOUL KITCHEN, he created a monument to his hometown and won the Special Jury Prize in Venice. For his documentary POLLUTING PARADISE, Akin followed the environmental damage in the Turkish village of his ancestors for many years. His 2014 feature THE CUT premiered at the Venice Film Festival.


Adam Bousdoukos
Aleksandar Jovanovic
Mehmet Kurtulus
Regula Grauwiller
Idil Üner


Directed and written by Fatih Akin
Produced by Ralph Schwingel, Stefan Schubert
Production company Wüste Filmproduktion
Co-produced by ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel

Technical Data

format Prores / colour / 5.1
length 100 min.
original language German

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