Takva - A Man's Fear of God

by Özer Kiziltan

Takva - A Man's Fear of God


Muharrem has worked quietly as a simple clerk for over 30 years in the same traditional Istanbul neighborhood where he was born. The humble introvert lives a solitary and meager existence of prayer and sexual abstinence, adhering strictly to the most severe Islamic doctrines.
Muharrem's extraordinary devotion attracts the attention of the leaders of a rich and powerful religious group. His acclaimed trustworthiness and conscientiousness inspire them to offer him an administrative post as rent collector for their numerous properties.
Provided with new clothes, a cell phone and a computer, Muharrem is thrown into the modern outside world he has successfully avoided for so long. His naive eyes are soon witness to hypocritical attitudes toward alcohol consumption and goodwill.
To his dismay, Muharrem becomes domineering and proud, eventually even inadvertently cheating in a business deal. To make matters worse, Muharrem's inner peace is unnerved by the tormenting image of a seductive woman who tempts him in his dreams, both night and day.
Muharrem has built his life around being able to distinguish between carnal and spiritual values. But the balance of his devotion is now upset. His fear of God begins to eat away at his senses ...


Özer Kiziltan has directed several TV series and mini-series in his native Turkey, including 2005's »Yagmur Zamani« (Rain Time), 2004's »Müjgan Bey«, 2003's »Kursun Yarasi« (Bullet Wound) and 2002's »Gülbeyaz«. After studying law at the University of Istanbul, he graduated in 1994 from the Cinema & Television Department of the University of Mimar Sinan.


Erkan Can - Muharrem
Güven Kiraç - Rauf
Meray Ülgen - Sheikh
Öznur Kula - Dream Woman / Sheikh’s Daughter
Erman Saban - Muhittin (Assistant)
Murat Cemcir - Mahmut
Settar Tanriögen - Mr. Ali (Boss)


Director: Özer Kiziltan
Writer: Önder Çakar
Producers Turkey: Sevil Demirci, Önder Çakar 
Producers Germany: Fatih Akin, Klaus Maeck, Andreas Thiel
Director Of Photography: Soykut Turan
Music: Gökçe Akçelik
Editor: Andrew Bird 
Executive Producer Turkey: Feridun Koç
Executive Producer Germany: Falk H. Nagel

A Production of Yeni Sinemacilar in Co-Production with Corazón International

Technical Data

Format: 35 mm / 25fsp / 1:1.85 / Colour / Dolby Digital
Length: 96 min
Original language: Turkish

Original title: Takva


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Takva - A Man's Fear of God
Takva - A Man's Fear of God

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