The Great Match

by Gerardo Olivares

The Great Match


»The Great Match« is a comedy in three parallel stories about the trials and tribulations of a group of men who have two things in common: they live in remote regions of the planet, and they are determined to watch the final match of the Japan-Korea 2002 World Cup between Germany and Brazil. A family of Mongolian nomads, a Tuareg camel caravan in the Sahara, and group of Amazon Indians will be our leading characters. All of them live hundreds of kilometres from the closest place where they can watch television, or they must face great difficulties getting there. However, these men have the ingenuity and willpower to achieve their goal. It is not easy to have a television set, a power generator or a satellite dish available in these places. How do they manage? In the most astonishing ways.

This is what »The Great Match« attempts to unveil, the plight of a group of men isolated on the far edges of the planet, but determined to do everything to watch a football match.


Gerardo Olivares has been involved as director of wildlife, Cultural and Anthropology documentaries since 1991, with the participation of Canal+ and TVE, and then sold internationally (Discovery Channel, National Geographic...). His last film »Caravana«, was produced by Pedro Almodovar´s "El Deseo".


Ahmed Alansar
Esentai Samer Khan
Wirapitang Kaapor
Mahamadou Alzouma
Kinchirian Kaapor


Director: Gerardo Olivares
Scriptwriters: Chema Rodríguez, Gerardo Olivares
Producer: José María Morales
Co-producers: Sophokles Tasioulis, André Sikojev
Production: Wanda Films

Technical Data

Format: 35 mm /24fps / 1:1.85 / Colour / Dolby Digital
Length: 88 min
Original language: Mongolia, Tamashek, Tupi

Original title: La Gran Final


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The Great Match
The Great Match

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