The Second Mother

by Anna Muylaert

The Second Mother


Val is the kind of live-in housekeeper who takes her work seriously. She wears a crisp maid’s uniform while serving perfect canapés; she serves her wealthy São Paulo employers day in and day out while lovingly nannying their teenage son whomshe’s raised since toddlerhood. Everyone and everything in the elegant house has its place until one day, Val’s ambitious, clever daughter Jessica arrives from Val’s hometown to take the college entrance exams. Jessica’s confident, youthful presence upsets the unspoken yet strict balance of power in the household; Val must decide where her allegiances lie and what she’s willing to sacrifice.


Anna Muylaert was born in 1964. After directing some short films, including A ORIGEM DOS BEBES SEGUNDO KIKI CAVALCANTI and ROCK PAULISTA, she worked as film critic for important Brazilian newspapers and magazines, such as “Estado de São Paulo” and “Isto é”.

She participated in the creation of several children‘s series and shows, such as MUNDO DA LUA, CASTELO RATIMBUM, O MENINO, A FAVELA E AS TAMPAS DE PANELA, produced by TV Cultura, DISNEY CRUJ by SBT and UM MENINO MUITO MALUQUINHO by TV Brazil.

In 2002 she directed her first feature film, DURVAL DISCOS, winner of seven awards at Gramado Film Festival, including Best Picture. In 2009 she directed her second feature film É PROIBIDO FUMAR, winner of over 30 national awards, including “Best Film“ at Brasilia Film Festival, ”Grand Prize” of the Brazilian Academy of Cinema and “Best Direction“ at Los Angeles Latino Film Festival.

She collaborated on the scripts of the feature films XINGU, THE YEAR MY PARENTS WENT ON VACATION and CASTELO RATIMBUM by Cao Hamburger, DESMUNDO by Alain Fresnot, QUANTO TEMPO DURA O AMOR? by Roberto Moreira and PRAIA DO FUTURO by Karim Ainouz. She also collaborated on the scripts of the tv series FILHOS DO CARNAVAL and ALICE, for HBO.

In 2010 she directed the telefilm PARA ACEITA-LA, CONTINUE NA LINHA for TV Cultura, which gave rise to the feature film COLLECT CALL. Also for TV Cultura in 2012 she directed the telefilm E ALÉM DE TUDO ME DEIXOU MUDO O VIOLÃO and in the same year she directed two episodes of the series PREAMAR, for HBO. In 2013 she was the general director of the series AS CANALHAS for GNT channel.



Val - Regina Casé
Fabinho - Michel Joelsas
Jéssica - Camila Márdila
Barbara - Karine Teles
Carlos - Lourenço Mutarelli


Written and directed by Anna Muylaert
Direction of Photography by Bárbara Alvarez
Production Design by Marcos Pedroso & Thales Junqueira
Editing by Karen Harley
Composer Fabio Trummer
Sound editing by Miriam Biderman, ABC
Executive Producers Caio Gullane & Claudia Büschel
Producers Fabiano Gullane, Caio Gullane, Debora Ivanov & Anna Muylaert

Technical Data

Format DCP / Color/ 1:2.35 / 5.1
Length 110 min
Original language Portuguese

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