The State-Mafia Pact

by Sabina Guzzanti

The State-Mafia Pact


What do we mean when we talk about “The State-Mafia Pact”? About the concessions given on behalf of the State to the Mafia in exchange for an end to bloodshed? Who exactly is culpable for the assassination of Falcone and Borsellino? What do we know about the endless coexistence of Mafia and Politics? Between the Mafia and the Catholic Church?Between the Mafia and the Police? Or is there more? A group of actors bring to life the most relevant episodes of the sequence of events known as “The State-Mafia Pact” (Trattativa Stato – Mafia) that is supposed to reveal the truth about alleged negotiations between the Italian government and the Mafia. The actors impersonate Mafia, secret service agents, other officials, magistrates, victims, assassins, Freemasons, people who are honest and brave and people who are brave up to a point... And so one of the most intricate events of our time is brought to life in this passionate film.


Comic verve, ironic, a cutting point of view, are ever the qualities that are Sabina Guzzanti. After a long time in Television working with Cult programs both as a writer and performer, Sabina started focussing her attention on telling the truth and shedding light on the dark events in contemporary Italian history. The embargo forced upon "RaiOt" (2003) was the turning point leading to the docu-film "Viva Zapatero!" (2005). The film denounced the limited freedom of speech in Italy and was a great success with the public. Sabina took to directing again in 2007 with "Sympathy for the Lobster", a comedy that united the entire cast of "Avanzi". Her films are controversial and generate debate amongst critics, but the public continues to trust her work. The freedom of thought pays off. "Draquila- Italy trembles" (2010) - Presented at the Cannes Film Festival, this is Sabina's fourth feature length film. An indepth investigation into the events related to the earthquake in the region of Aquila. An intense and disturbing account of how the management of the disaster on behalf of the Italian authorities had an impact on the lives of the inhabitants of the town... "Franca, la prima" (2011) Is Sabina's homage, in documentary/ interview style, to one of Italy's' greatest Actresses: Franca Valeri. Sabina Guzzanti has always applied herself to many aspects of entertainment, from Cinema to Television, writing to music, Politics and especially the Theatre, where her satirical comedian shows have marked her out as an exceptional a


Enzo Lombardo
Sabina Guzzanti
Filippo Luna
Ninni Bruscheta


Written and directed by Sabina Guzzanti
Director of photography Daniele Cipri
Music Nicola Piovani
Editor Luca Benedetti, Matteo Spigariol
Set design by Fabrizio Lupo
Costume designer Massimo Cantini Parrini

Technical Data

Format: DCP
Original language: Italian


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