Till The End Of The Night

by Christoph Hochhäusler

Till The End Of The Night


In order to gain the trust of a drug dealer, undercover cop Robert has to pretend to be Leni‘s lover. The police hope her ties with the felon will help to infiltrate the organization. But while this part of the plan works relatively smoothly, their fake relationship is rocky from the start. Leni is trans, and Robert was once in love with her former self. Ironically it is Victor, the drug dealer, who will make Robert confront his conflicting felings of love.


Timocin Ziegler
Thea Ehre
Michael Sideris


Writer(s): Florian Plumeyer
Director of photography: Reinhold Vorschneider
Production Designer: Renate Schmaderer
Editor: Stefan Stabenow
Sound: Jörg Kidrowski
Producer(s): Bettina Brokemper

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