by Sergey Dvortsevoy



After completing his naval service, young Asa travels back to the Kazakh steppe where his sister and her shepherd husband live a nomadic life. To start his new life, eager Asa must get married first before he can become a shepherd himself. Asa's only hope for marriage on the deserted steppe is Tulpan, the daughter of another shepherd family. Poor Asa is disappointed to learn that Tulpan doesn't like him because she thinks that his ears are too big. But Asa doesn't give up and he continues to dream of a life that may not be possible on the steppe ...


»Tulpan« is Sergey Dvortsevoy's first feature film. Sergey has directed several short and medium-length documentary films which have won numerous top prizes at festivals like Festival dei Popoli (Florence, Italy), Sunny Side of the Doc (Marseille, France), Cinema du Reel (Paris, France), as well as the prestigious documentary festivals in Leipzig, Germany, and Nyon, France. However, Sergey prefers to describe his award-winning films »In The Dark«, »Highway«, »Bread Day« and »Paradise« as "life cinema." His goal has always been to show the simplicity and warmth of the world in a mixture of naturalism and poetry.
Born in 1962 in Chimkent, Kazakhstan, Sergey graduated from Aviation college in the Ukraine and the Radiotechnical-Institut in Novosibirsk. As an Aeroflot radio engineer, he traveled all over the country, until he saw an announcement for higher education in directing and screenwriting in Moscow.

2008 »Tulpan«
2004 »In The Dark« (V Temnote)
1999 »Highway«
1998 »Bread Day« (Chlebnyy Den)
1997 »Paradise« (Schastye)


Askhat Kuchinchirekov - Asa
Samal Yeslyamova - Samal (Asa's Sister)
Ondasyn Besikbasov - Ondas (Samal's Husband)
Tulepbergen Baisakalov - Boni
Bereke Turganbayev - Beke
Nurzhigit Zhapabayev - Nuka
Mahabbat Turganbayeva - Maha
Amangeldi Nurzhanbayev - Tulpan's Father
Tazhyban Khalykulova - Tulpan's Mother
Zhappas Zhailaubaev - Boss
Esentai Tulendiev - Eterinarian


Director: Sergey Dvortsevoy
Screenplay: Sergey Dvortsevoy, Gennady Ostrovskiy
Produced By Pandora Film (Germany). Karl Baumgartner
Producers: Cobra Film (Switzerland). Valerie Fischer / Eurasia Film (Kazakhstan). Gulnara Sarsenova. Bulat Galimgereyev / Film Company Slovo (Russia). Sergey Melkumov. Elena Yatsoura Ctb Filmproduction (Russia). Sergey Selyanov / Filmcontract Ltd. (Poland). Henryk Romanowski / Pallas Film (Germany). Thanassis Karathanos / Pandora Film (Germany). Raimond Goebel
Director Of Photography: Jola Dylewska PSC
Production Designer: Roger Martin
Editor: Isabel Meier. Petar Markovic

Technical Data

Format: 35 mm / 24fps / 1:1.85 / Color / Dolby Digital
Length: 100 Min.
Original language: English, Kazakh, Russian

Original title: Tulpan


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