Waiting For The Sea

by Bakhtiar Khudionazarov

Waiting For The Sea


Sailor Marat carries a great burden. His whole village condemns him since his wife and many fishermen were washed off his boat in a mysterious sea storm. Ever since then the sea has vanished.

One day, Marat returns to his village, obsessed by the idea of making the sea return and so the dead. He begins rebuilding his shipwreck in the middle of the desert, dragging it towards the endless horizon.

Only his last close friend Balthasar, and Tamara, the sister of Marat's deceased wife, believe in him. Tamara, deeply in love with Marat, who repulses her, knows from a fortune teller that maybe not her dream but his might come true.
One morning Marat wakes up by the sound of water - the sea has returned, ready to take what belongs to her...

WAITING FOR THE SEA is an epic adventure of a man's will to resist surrendering to the tragedy of life.


Bakhtiar Khudionazarov was born on May 29, 1965 in Tajikistan. He graduated from The Institue Of Cinematography VGIK as a film director in 1989, and has been directing since 1986. Among numerous awards he won the Silver Lion in Venice in 1994 for "Odd And Even". His film "The Suit" received the Panorama Special Jury Mention at Berlinale in 2006.

Tanker Tango (2006)
Chic (The Suit) (2003)
Lunniy Papa (Luna Papa) (2000)
Kosh-Ba-Kosh (Odd and Even) (1994)
Bratan (Brother) (1992)
Verish-Ne Verish (Believe or Not) (1989)
Sobachya Okhota (Dog Hunt) (1988)
Shutniki (Joker) (1986)


Egor Beroev
Anastasia Mikulchina
Detlev Buck
Dinmukhamet Akhimov
Radzhab-Ali Guseynov
Pavel Priluchnyi
Daulet Kekelbayev
Alexander Rabotyaga


Director: Bakhtiar Khudoijnazarov
Screenplay: Sergej Ashkenazy
Directors of Photography: Jan Vancaillie, Dusan Joksimovic, Rifkat Ibragimov
Production Designers: Nigmat Djuraev, Agi Dawaachu
Costume Designers: Zebo Nasirova, Nina Dobrina
Editors: Salome Machaidze, Danielius Kokanauskis
Music: Shuhei Kamimura

Technical Data

Format: 35mm / Color / 109 min
Original language: Russian


Waiting For The Sea
Waiting For The Sea

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