SWEET DREAMS by Marco Bellocchio


by Marco Bellocchio

Massimo’s idyllic childhood was shattered by the mysterious death of his mother. As he prepares to sell his parents’ apartment, he is haunted by his traumatic past. Compassionate doctor Elisa could help tormented Massimo open up and confront his childhood wounds…

SWORN VIRGIN by Laura Bispuri


by Laura Bispuri

Sworn Virgin is the story of a woman who sacrifices her femininity for her freedom, and then decides to wipe out her honour to become a woman again. It is a journey inside the complexity of women’s universe; a film about being stuck in invisible prisons and then finally learning how to breathe.

Tabu by Miguel Gomes


by Miguel Gomes

A temperamental old woman, her Cape Verdean maid and a neighbour devoted to social causes live on the same floor of a Lisbon apartment building.

Take Care of your Scarf, Tatjana by Aki Kaurismäki

»Take Care of your Scarf, Tatjana«

by Aki Kaurismäki

»Take Care of your Scarf« - Tatjana« is a road-movie about the unbelievable adventures of two Finnish men, driving a black Volga station wagon through Southern Finland some time in the mid-sixties.

Takva - A Man's Fear of God by Özer Kiziltan

»Takva - A Man's Fear of God«

by Özer Kiziltan

An extremely devout Muslim man's beliefs are upset by temptation and the modern world, causing his fear of God to quickly eat away at his senses.

Tatsumi by Eric Khoo


by Eric Khoo

In the late 1950s, Yoshihiro Tatsumi pioneered a breakthrough in Japanese comics, elevating the genre to a whole new level of creative expression influenced by adult themes. A tribute to an artist who sought to make comics cinematic, Eric Khoo's animated feature TATSUMI brings the manga legend's classic stories to the big screen for the first time.

Teza by Haile Gerima


by Haile Gerima

»Teza«, set in Ethiopia and Germany, chronicles the return of the African intellectual Anberber to his country of birth during the repressive Marxist regime of Haile Mariam Mengistu ...

The 4th Company by  Amir Galván Cervera

»The 4th Company«

by Amir Galván Cervera & Mitzi Vanessa Arreola

Set in 1979, in the most violent jail of Mexico, THE 4TH COMPANY focuses on young Zambrano as he joins the Santa Martha Dogs, a jailhouse American football team that turned into an organized crime gang. A thriller based on a true story.