El Custodio by Rodrigo Moreno

»El Custodio«

by Rodrigo Moreno

His stressful routine as a ministerial bodyguard and his lonely marginal life eventually causes Ruben to explode. Starring Julio Chavez (»Epitafios«, »Red Bear«, »Extraño/Strange«).

Emma's Bliss by Sven Taddicken

»Emma's Bliss«

by Sven Taddicken

After getting the bad news that he is soon to die of cancer Max wants to escape to the most beautiful place in the world - Mexico. When he accidentally lands at brave Emma's pig-breeding farm, he realizes however, that true happiness waits just around the corner ...

Euphoria by Ivan Vyrypaev


by Ivan Vyrypaev

»Euphoria« is the story of an unexpected love, genuine and merciless, almost brutal – set in the wide open steppes near the banks of the River Don.

Everything will be fine by Christoffer Boe

»Everything will be fine«

by Christoffer Boe

A writer-director known for becoming obsessed with his own stories, Jacob Falk stumbles upon photographs of prisoners of war being tortured by Danish soldiers. Suspecting a political conspiracy, Falk falls into a frenetic chase to reveal the mystery behind the photos and he discovers a truth more disturbing than he imagined... From the director of RECONSTRUCTION, OFFSCREEN and ALLEGRO.

Ferrante Fever by Giacomo Durzi

»Ferrante Fever«

by Giacomo Durzi

The mysterious author of the book series My Brilliant Friend is climbing the charts around the world, without revealing her true identity. Born in Naples, she says her name is Elena Ferrante. But we don't know if this is true. Nobody has neither seen her face nor knows where she lives, who she is.

Festen by Thomas Vinterberg


by Thomas Vinterberg

It's summertime in Denmark, and at the Great House a celebration is about to begin: Helge Klingenfeldt, patriarch and lord of the manor, is turning sixty.
Invitations have been issued, the seating plan drawn up, and now the guests' cars are pulling onto the courtyard outside the main steps: friends, relatives, and of course, the patriarch's next of kin: Elsa, his wonderful wife, and their three grown-up children, Christian, Michael, and Helene. The head of the family is to be fêted in a way nobody will ever forget...

Fill The Void by Rama Burshtein

»Fill The Void«

by Rama Burshtein

Shira, the youngest daughter of an Orthodox Hassidic family from Tel Aviv has to choose between her heart's wish and her family duty...

First of all, Felicia by Razvan Radulescu and Melissa de Raaf

»First of all, Felicia«

by Razvan Radulescu and Melissa de Raaf

In a time of no-thrill traveling, where taking a plane is like taking the bus, and in a culture that supports us to find our place everywhere, »First of all, Felicia« talks about the alienated condition of a 40 year old woman who believed to have followed her passion and now doesn't know anymore where she belongs.