Home for the Weekend by Hans-Christian Schmid

»Home for the Weekend«

by Hans-Christian Schmid

During a weekend gathering, the seemingly stable fabric of a family comes undone when feelings differ about the mother's unexpected decision to stop her longtime medication for mental illness... From the acclaimed director of STORM, REQUIEM and DISTANT LIGHTS.

Hope by Stanislaw Mucha


by Stanislaw Mucha

When a deeply moral and well-respected art historian steals an invaluable painting from a church, righteous and fanatic Francis records the crime on video to blackmail the perpetrator. The young man is not interested in money but demands that the piece of art be returned to its original place.

Howl by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman


by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman

A nonfiction drama about the young Allen Ginsberg finding his voice, the creation of his groundbreaking poem »Howl«, and the landmark obscenity trial that followed.

I hired a Contract Killer by Aki Kaurismäki

»I hired a Contract Killer«

by Aki Kaurismäki

Henri Boulanger wants to die, for reasons too personal to be explained here. Since his helpless attempts to end his days go down the drain, he ends up hiring a contract killer to send him to happier rubber-stamping grounds.

Ice Mother by Bohdan Sláma

»Ice Mother«

by Bohdan Sláma

67-year-old Hana has had enough of her selfish family's behavior. When she finds a group of eccentric ice swimmers, a new world opens to her.

If Not Us, Who by Andres Veiel

»If Not Us, Who«

by Andres Veiel

Discontentment with the world takes its toll on the passionate love story between 60s political activists Bernward Vesper and Gudrun Ensslin. Based on the emotional true story of an explosive era -- from the spreading global uprising: "If not us, who; If not now, when?" to rebellious Andreas Baader's pro-violence cause that rocked Germany.

In The Darkroom by Nadav Schirman

»In The Darkroom«

by Nadav Schirman

Magdalena Kopp was married to the most wanted terrorist in the world: Carlos "the Jackal". She followed him through the birth of international terrorism, of which he became the star...

In The Fade by Fatih Akin

»In The Fade«

by Fatih Akin

IN THE FADE is the contemporary story of a grieving wife and mother's unrelenting love for her family.