Money Buddies by Daniele Ciprì

»Money Buddies«

by Daniele Ciprì

Oscar and Armando two fifties who become friends after a chance encounter. Oscar is a failed lawyer, Armando has just been released from prison after twenty-five years for a crime he did not commit...

My German Friend by Jeanine Meerapfel

»My German Friend«

by Jeanine Meerapfel

In the 1950's Buenos Aires, Sulamit, born into a family of Jewish immigrants, grows up in the same respectable neighborhood as Friedrich, the son of a former Nazi official. An intimate and tender love story begins, which will be overshadowed by the dark political legacy of both their families.The film follows the fate of the young couple during a timespan of almost three decades, against the backdrop of the 1968 students revolts in Germany and the military rule in Argentina in the 70s.

Mystery Train by Jim Jarmusch

»Mystery Train«

by Jim Jarmusch

MYSTERY TRAIN is a temporal comedy that takes place within one twenty-four hour period in Memphis, Tennessee. The film is a kind of triptych including three separate but connecting stories, like those Japanese films made up of several ghost stories, or the Italian ones consisting of romantic comedies. But in Memphis, it's the Italian who is visited by a ghost, and the Japanese who are romantically inclined. And there's an Englishman there too, who causes everything to get pretty fucked up by the end. Although the characters never really meet, in MYSTERY TRAIN the episodic form is finally just a disguise, and the three stories just separate cars pulled by the same train - a minimalist's version of the Canterbury Tales.

Night Moves by Kelly Reichardt

»Night Moves«

by Kelly Reichardt

When do legitimate convictions demand illegal behaviors? What happens to a person's political principles when they find their back against the wall? NIGHT MOVES is the story of three radical environmentalists coming together to execute the most spectacular direct action event of their lives: the explosion of a hydroelectric dam.

Night on Earth by Jim Jarmusch

»Night on Earth«

by Jim Jarmusch

NIGHT ON EARTH is a sequence of five comedies which occur simultaneously, but which span different time zones, continents and languages. Each section focuses on the brief relationship which develops between a taxi driver and his/her passenger(s) as they drive through the night, sharing the space of a car interior, suspended between fixed destinations. The film begins in L.A. just as the sunset is being replaced by darkness, then moves into the night of New York, then Paris, then Rome, and finally Helsinki where, as the last sequence ends, the sun again rises, and the winter night fades back into daylight.

O'Horten by Bent Hamer


by Bent Hamer

After forty years of dutiful service as a train engineer, 67-year-old Odd Horten is forced to retire. His orderly, solitary existence is about to give way to a future of absurd adventures and quirky encounters. And maybe even a new dog and an old love!

October November by Götz Spielmann

»October November«

by Götz Spielmann

Two sisters and their aged father are reunited in their family home, a former village inn. They have grown estranged over the years and this meeting slowly and inevitably brings to light the conflict between these so dissimilar women. It is clear to their, father, too, that little time remain in which to reveal a secret.

Omar by Hany Abu-Assad


by Hany Abu-Assad

Trust and identity are stretched like more wire in an impossible West Bank love story. Desires for individual and collective freedom collide. Mere sacrifice isn’t enough; betrayal is the only way to survive.