The Good Life by Jean Denizot

»The Good Life«

by Jean Denizot

Sylvain and Pierre have been running from the law ever since a custody battle with their mother pushed their father Yves into hiding ten years ago. But now that they're older, the two brothers are road-weary and eager to take advantage of the perks of young adulthood. When the authorities discover their whereabouts, they are forced to move yet again and Pierre, the elder, disappears.

Alone with his father on an island in the Loire River, Sylvain meets Gilda: his first girl, his first crush, and the first stop on his way to "the good life" - his own.


The Great Match by Gerardo Olivares

»The Great Match«

by Gerardo Olivares

They live in the most isolated and remote confines of the earth, anchored in tradition and their ancestral ways. However, they share the same passion: football. Tonight, the final match for the 2002 World Cup takes place, and they must figure out a way to watch it, whatever it takes.

The Heart is a Dark Forest by Nicolette Krebitz

»The Heart is a Dark Forest«

by Nicolette Krebitz

A man, a woman, two children: a family. He is a musician. She used to be one until the children came. One day, Marie discovers that not far from where they live, her husband Thomas has set up a second life for himself, a second home with a second family.

The Hour of the Lynx by Søren Kragh-Jacobsen

»The Hour of the Lynx«

by Søren Kragh-Jacobsen

45-year-old priest Helen is approached by scientist Lisbeth with a desperate plea for help...


The Hunter by Rafi Pitts

»The Hunter«

by Rafi Pitts

Devastated by the loss of his wife and daughter, a good man turned vengeful sniper is pursued and eventually captured by two policemen in a secluded forest. But situations complicate and the line between hunter and hunted becomes difficult to define.

The Intruder by Leonardo Di Costanzo

»The Intruder«

by Leonardo Di Costanzo

Leonardo Di Costanzo's second feature is a tale of conflict and danger set in present day Naples. Like a modern Antigone, a social worker on the frontline of the daily war against criminal mentality is confronted with a moral choice that can destroy the sense of her work and her life forever.

The Lies of the Victors by Christoph Hochhäusler

»The Lies of the Victors«

by Christoph Hochhäusler

When a controversial story falls apart after the informant backs out, renowned investigative reporter Fabian Groys turns his attention to a toxic waste scandal. Fabian soon suspects that the two stories are connected. Pure coincidence, or is he being manipulated?

The Light Thief by Aktan Arym Kubat

»The Light Thief«

by Aktan Arym Kubat

They call him "Brat Svet" ("Mr. Light"). He not only brings electric light (which is often out) to the lives of the inhabitants of this small city, but he also spreads the light of love, loyalty, life, and most of all, lots of laughter.